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Pixels Can Hurt (More Than Actions)

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Understanding Social Media

“You can’t physically hurt somebody through cyber bullying , but you can definitely hurt your feelings. You can say many hurtful things and make you feel really sad, because you’re in your own safe place. You’re in your home.”(a 10 year old boy quoted by Mishna, Saini and Solomon) [1].


It is a well known fact that the widespread success of online technologies has transformed the way we communicate and seek entertainment. Through the use of a wide variety of communication tools, such as e-mail, social networking sites and blogs, we can keep in touch with our friends and acquaintances even if we are thousand miles away from each other.

However, the increasing usage of social media platforms has also provided a breeding ground for the flourishing of activities which were mostly associated with the offline world. One of those activities is online harassment. According to Bossler, Holt and…

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